Cracked Heels


1. Cracks in the heels are generally caused by insufficient moisture.

2. Cracked heels also occurs due to increases obesity which causes it to expand out further.


1. Symptoms of cracked heels may include pain, warmth, redness, and swelling.  

2. The skin to the heels may begin to redden or become severely inflamed. 

Dr.Skin Suggestions


1. Effective in the treatment of superficial fungal infections of the skin.  

2. Double action formula with combination of peeling agent & anti fungal agent

More Info


1. Cracked heels is easily prevented by wearing adequate supportive shoes and with regular use of moisturizers. 

2. Creams that use keratolytic agents containing urea, salicylic acid, , and petroleum jelly are all successful for preventing & curing cracked heels.