Product Information


Composition - Salicylic Acid IP 8% W/W 

Tolnaftate I.P. 1% W/W

Ointment base q.s.


A Non Staining, Vanishing, Soothing & Double Action Ointment For Tender Skin. 


Store at cool & dry place.

Keep away from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children. 


For ringworm, itch, eczema and pimples 

Consumer Ask

1. Chapped hands & feet are very common and triggered mainly by environmental influences. 

2. People who wash dishes frequently or live in a cold, dry climate may be more prone to chapped hands than other people.

1. Symptoms of Chapped hands & Foot  are lack of natural moisturizer in the skin. 

2. Skin flaking and  dry skin.

1. Cracks in the heels are generally caused by insufficient moisture.

2. Cracked heels also occurs due to increases obesity which causes it to expand out further.

1. Symptoms of cracked heels may include pain, warmth, redness, and swelling.  

2. The skin to the heels may begin to redden or become severely inflamed. 

Rating & Reviews

Tushar Kachave, Dhule, Maharashtra

I had the Fungal Infection near my private parts. I was take the medicine and diagnosed my infection from about 4 to 5 doctors and took medicines from 2 years. But there was not any cure of my infection. Then my Grandmother told me about Sapat Dr Skin Malam, I was use this for about 8 days. And this medicine was giving a magical effect for me. After 8 days it was totally 100% cure. And along with i don't have any itching and red patches on my skin So very very thank you for your product. And I'm giving not only 5 stars but 10 Stars to Sapat Dr Skin Malam.

Ramesh T, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

I have purchased it and found very nice product. I suggest this is a very good product for Ringworm and Itch and it is really worth of money spent.

Deepak B, Pune, Maharashtra

I have purchased it and found very nice product. I suggest this is a very good product for Ringworm.

Rishabh, Pune Maharashtra

Really effective product. Works very fast. Easy to use.